Welcome Pixies!

Welcome to my new pixie hollow blog! i will update on every change from a new badge, to famous fairies visiting! my posts will vary in length, but most will have lots of screenshots of my fairy, and others’ fairies flying aroung the hollow, shooping, playing games etc. I recently became a member & will now be able to report on everything in pixie hollow, but will be able to get a non-members point of view due to having two younger sisters also playing.

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I missedboth of the recent lucky clovers’ visits.. sorry, i’ve been kinda ill recently & haven’t even been able to get on the computer (dad)… I’ss be there when the minister of spring comes, though!

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Lucky Clovers Visited!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you like them! :3

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Spring Sprung!

I don’t really know what to say, so here are some pictures:

Fawn’s quest —

There were also fireflies… but I forgot to take a screen shot….

Clothes —

Summit style:

My new outfit I made:

More pictures to come!!


Also, more than 700 hits as of sometime last night! thank you every one!!!<3

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Some new spring styles!

I was looking in pixie postings just a second ago & I clicked n the shopping new, and….

I love the look of these!!!! and here is an awesome answer from Tabby:

Clover and rainbows!!!?!one! yay! 😀


I think my favourite outfit up there is the one on the far left, the blue dress, I just wish I could see her shoes!! X_X

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March fashion sneak peek!




I can’t wait for march 6th now!!! 😀


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My First Fashion Spotlight!

I flew around on my non-member fairy in cherry blossom heights & found two amazingly dressed fairies! 😀

I won’t grade there outfits, but I will say what I do/don’t like about them!

First is:

Hair –

Lovely. I really like how it has been dyed to match her outfit, as well as being purple, a fave colour of mine ;P

Outfit –

Absolutely amazing! The skirt is my favourite part, the necklace to! I’m sad to say I think her top is the arrival day to top dyed grape purple…. But, at least you can dye it back again 😛

Style –

I like it. it gives of an individual look, kinda ‘this is me take it, or leave it.’ kinda thing, ya’know?


Over all – Love it!! 😀


Next is:

Hair –

Seen this style a lot. it would be boring, but the colour goes well, so I like it.

Outfit –

I personally really like the combo of Pink & yellow. not that I would wear it… If I’m not mistaken, that apron is from the 2010 friendship festival? Nice. I always like it when people wear old clothes!! The glasses also add a little something to this outfit, very nice!

Style –

Very kawaii! I don’t think I could wear this, but it looks amazing on Fantasia.


Over all – Amazingly cute!


oh, btw, there both water-talents…

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Oh My Buttons!

I was looking at the new tailoring patterns I got, oh, I recently leveled up the lvl 17, and I found a skirt called the ‘pretty patchwork skirt’! So I made one for myself, as well as some button-themed clothing!

Like it? I really like it! ❤ That braclet I’m wearing is from one of my friends, Autumn, btw!

Bobbin said my tailoring-skills were which I’m taking to be a great compliment! (lol)

Earlier, some fairy named crystal was being horrible look:

I tried telling her to go away but she wouldn’t! & I couldn’t find her so I couldn’t ignore her!! I ended up having to change server 😦 I didn’t do anything! why was she doing this? She didn’t even use speedchat plus EVER! D:

I flew back to the server I was on a few minutes later & it started again! 😦 I don’t understand….

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I’M IN ONE!!! :O

you know how there are now those screenshots on the never news blog? wel… I’m in number 6!! look in the lower right corner, next to Tink! i’m wearing my purple guitar, ear boppers, & Lexibreeze is right next to me! i’m really exited because i’ve NEVER been in one of these screenshots before!! have you ever been in one? i’m suddenly very interested. lol XD

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Tink, Terrence & Vidia

Tink, Terrence & Vidia Visited last nighct! i couldn’t upload the screen shots because i was sooo tired….

any way, here they are!

Terrance left randomly for no reason…. then came back just before Tink could say anything.


Then Tink kinda got all awkward & changed the subject…

That’s a total of 4 ivy bunches i’ve ever done…..

I’ll just pretend that ‘-_-‘ wasn’t aimed at me….

she flew away from me! X^X

Tink got us all to hug Vidia with heart emotes but i can’t find that picture… @-@



& Now, I have to ask your help! you see, to my understanding, we used to be able to make three fairies but now …. only one. & we can’t delete fairies either. I want to try being a fast-flying-garden talent fairy (right now I’m a fast-flying-water fairy) But I CAN’T (I would like to point out now that this does not have anything thing with Phoebe, or my name. just the fact that I am that sort of wants-to-try-new-stuff-all-the-time kinda person) without making a whole new aaccount. this wouldn’t be so bad, but all my friends are on my Patchwork one plus, it would be a non-member account, and I know it would be hard to get back to that…. so, could you right to the never council? I have a theory about why we can’t delete/make new fairies, but I’ll post that tomorrow.

thank you!!!<3

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So, I was trying to log in a couple of minutes ago, and a box saying there was a problem showed up!?!? look at it

Of course, I tried what the box said several times. I even tried it on my old account (I remembered the log in & got 36 pixie diamonds yesterday) & On my younger sisters’ accounts & on two different browsers. so I’m not sure what’s going to fix it. -v- Is this happening to anyone else?

It also doesn’t properly load my fairy

I’m getting my sister to try on the other computer 😛 for now I’m going on webkinz.com (if that works O_O)

Also, I haven’t shown you my new hair…. & Sorry for missing Dulcie yesterday! I don’t know why, but I forgot! :O

EDIT: IT WORKS! ……. on the slow computer.



Now they tell me….

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